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0xguard is a leading smart contract auditor - fast, thorough and affordable

Ackee Blockchain-logo

Ackee Blockchain

smart contract audits

Ackee Blockchain is a team of Ethereum and Solana hackers who perform security audits. We also contribute to the blockchain ecosystem by writing open-sourced security tooling.

Arbitrary Execution-logo

Arbitrary Execution

smart contract audits

Arbitrary Execution Inc. (AE) is a team of security researchers with experience in mission critical offensive security capability development for the US Government. Our focus is bringing our offensive...



smart contract audits

Armors is the world's first round of blockchain security services, mainly dedicated to blockchain code audit and smart contract development. Since its establishment 5 years ago, we have served more t...

Astrobiatech Blockchain Security-logo

Astrobiatech Blockchain Security

smart contract audits

Astrobiatech is a leading smart contract auditing company with an essential focus on decentralized finance protocols. We work mainly with EVM-compatible protocols to help increase the security of thei...




Audithor offers smart contract and blockchain technology security and performance audits, smart contract and dapp development, and digital forensics services. It is a diverse and dynamic group of prof...

Auth Lab-logo

Auth Lab

smart contract audits

Auth Lab was founded by Dr. Robert Dunn and a venture capital firm held by Hebei Sichuan CHAMBER OF COMMERCE(HSCC) to deliver cybersecurity solutions to business enterprises globally. We have a Resear...




Authio is a full service smart contract security firm focused on mitigating technical debt and security risk for projects building decentralized applications on Ethereum networks.

Avalance Global Solutions-logo

Avalance Global Solutions

smart contract audits

Here at Avalance, we constantly keep an eye on the cutting edge of innovation, while developing real-world decentralized applications. And that’s exactly what makes us successful.



smart contract audits

Banshie is an independent Danish cyber security company specialized in helping companies protect themselves by testing and breaking their security, detecting breaches, and responding to incidents. Ban...

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