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Auth Lab was founded by Dr. Robert Dunn and a venture capital firm held by Hebei Sichuan CHAMBER OF COMMERCE(HSCC) to deliver cybersecurity solutions to business enterprises globally. We have a Research and development (R&D) team in China and an operation team in the United States. The interdisciplinary Research and development (R&D) worked in the space for 3 years before the company was founded. This team developed rich experience in blockchain application development related to Dapps, NFT, D/C exchanges, Meta universe, etc. With extensive project experience, the R&D team is sensitive to the latest market demands and trends in blockchain technology.

Smart contract audit process

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Contact us about a free audit free quote request, we will get back to you within one business day.


We will conduct an audit process for your project and scan for the common vulnerabilities and sensitive functions that could cause asset change and the codes related to permissions. Various tools will be used in the non-production environment in order to simulate hacking and attacking in different situation.

Feedback & Revising

After the first audit draft, we will get back to you a feedback form related to all the risks. The feedback form will cover our revising recommendations for the code and reminds about the super permissions, sensitive functions and authorizations.

Issue Audit Report

The communication after revising, we will delivery you an official audit report. The audit report will also be uploaded to our server and community with permission from team. It benefits the promotion of the project.


""The massive adoption of blockchain technology in real life is the long-term vision of our team; hence, we are always prepared to provide blockchain solutions in various spaces.""

Dr. Hurley Han, CTO of Auth Lab

""The journey of working with Auth Lab is quite enjoyable, all with passion and harmony in the meantime.""

Mohit, Ambassador

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