Ackee Blockchain

smart contract audits

Ackee Blockchain is a team of Ethereum and Solana hackers who perform security audits. We also contribute to the blockchain ecosystem by writing open-sourced security tooling.

Smart contract audit process

Request for Proposal

We need an invite to a repo or time slot requirements from the client.


We provide an offer with a time slot and exact budget.

Kick-off call

We get to know with the development team of the client.

Technical specification/documentation

A brief overview of the system is requested from the client and the scope of the audit is defined.

Tool-based analysis

Deep check with automated Solidity analysis tools is performed.

Manual code review

The code is checked line by line for common vulnerabilities, code duplication, best practices and the code architecture is reviewed.

Unit testing

Run unit tests to ensure that the system works as expected, potentially we write our own unit tests for specific suspicious scenarios.

Audit readout

We present the results of the audit to the client.

Audit report delivery

We deliver our report.

Audit reports


""Ackee Blockchain has discovered a critical issue in our protocol and thanks to them and their immediate reaction we fixed the problem and prevented any loss of tokens.""


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