smart contract audits

Sub7 is a boutique Web3 Security firm offering a new paradigm into security offerings. We seek to provide our customers with an alternative approach to traditional service models in order to gain further value out of their requirements & needs. Founded by a group of IT geeks, Security Paranoids and Crypto Degens with years of Web2 experience in top multinational IT Firms, we took the leap into Web3 with strong ties to many of the major projects and protocols in this space, currently participating in multiple DAOs and holding various Advisory, Council and Core Contributor positions, which allows us to stay on top of the latest trends and continue building relationships into this new community.

Smart contract audit process


We begin with a joint discovery phase to understand your needs and provide you a accurate quote


Based on the requirements Sub7 selects its Auditors from a carefully crafted list of professionals


Auditors start their activities independently throughout the agreed timeframe and provide their conclusion to our team


A qualified staff member reviews all reports for quality and validity, to later produce a final unique report for you


After you have reviewed and fixed the findings, we will verify they have been resolved and update the report


Upon mutual agreement we publish the report publicly to allow your customers and community to verify its validity

Audit reports

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