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Somish has a proven track record of delivering smart contract audits with a check for 125+ vulnerabilities within 48 hours. They provide audits for Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Hyperledger and IOST with an extensive report on critical, major, minor bugs and recommendations. They also dabble in Smart Contract Development and have delivered 21+ projects on Ethereum main-net since 2017.

Smart contract audit process

Requirements gathering

Gathering all the documents that are required to make sure that the team can audit the smart contract and making sure that the customer is conveying the intended behaviour of the smart contracts to the team.

Automated testing of smart contracts

Auditors start testing the smart contracts for their intended behaviour. Includes automated testing using multiple tools. Additionally making sure any unit test cases if provided by the customer are put to execution, reflecting what they are supposed to be reflecting.

Manual review

Manual review is a laborious job that is done by a selected team of independent auditors for their unbiased review on how smart contracts are performing.

Performing an initial audit report

The initial report which includes suggestions, recommendations around critical bugs or major and minor bugs which have been found in the smart contract and also general recommendations for improving or optimizing of the smart contract in terms of gas usage etc.

Final audit report

At this stage the customer is allowed a time period depending on the code size to refactor their code base. Eventually, the last step is to create a final report which includes all our suggestions after the code has been refactored based on the initial report.


"We selected Somish Blockchain labs as auditors for our Smart Contract Audit because of the rich experience and expertise they bring to the table. Their team, equipped with the latest tools and techniques was very impressive and conducted the whole process smoothly. They had an exemplary understanding of our needs and intricacies of the project and their impeccable thought leadership was a pleasant add-on. We look forward to more collaborations with them on Ethereum projects in future."

Noam Epple, Morpheus Network Co-Founder and COO

"We had a great experience working with Somish Blockchain Labs for our smart contract audit. We were already impressed with their prolific experience in Ethereum and EOS coupled with reasonable pricing. Our contract was complex & the auditors at Somish conducted a thorough review and displayed an impeccable understanding of the intended behaviour. All of this was done in a very timely manner. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for auditing services for their EOS projects."

John Heeter, Boid Founder and CTO

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