Solidified is a community driven auditing service, with 200+ Solidity members on board, where you can set up a bug bounty for your smart contract and have multiple independent auditors work on your audit.

Smart contract audit process

1:1 Review

Multiple independent auditors perform an isolated and unbiased 1:1 audit of your smart contracts, followed by a debrief on discovered issues. A final report is then compiled from consensus made by the group.

Bug bounties

Put your contract in front of the largest Ethereum expert community (200+ Solidity Auditors and Bounty Hunters) for a thorough review of your code. Ultimate test against the best in the business. Click these real bugs to view them on the Solidified platform.

Bug Prediction Market

Allow auditors, devs and authors to wager their money and reputation on security of smart contracts. Currently in development.

Audit reports