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ShellBoxes is a Cybersecurity and Blockchain consulting firm. We offer Blockchain consulting, as well as Blockchain security and application security. Numerous businesses, project owners, and organizations have entrusted us with securing and auditing their existing projects.

Smart contract audit process

We begin by scheduling a kick-off call with the client to define the audit scope and discuss the business logic of the smart contract.

We analyze the contract's code and proceed with static and dynamic analysis of the code then deliver an initial version of the report containing our findings as well as a remediation plan.

After fixing the contract's existing flaws, exploits, and bugs, we deliver the final version of the report mentioning the fixed and acknowledged vulnerabilities.

Audit reports


"We are so excited that Defiyield (The largest database of DeFi projects audit) has listed our Staking Smart Contract Audit with ShellBoxes. Thanks to the team from ShellBoxes!"

Robbie Jeo

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