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We are a diverse team of experts from various fields of IT Security with deep technical knowledge and audit skills. We stay up to date with new attack techniques, with our globally-recognised, and award-winning research.

Smart contract audit process

Scope & Threat modeling session

Knowing who might possibly attack your systems or simply what can go wrong gives a huge advantage in a software development lifecycle. Threat modeling sessions ask the right questions from the very beginning. During the first meeting, we help determine the most effective scope of the project.

Establishing Resources

Preparation of the necessary resources to conduct security tests. We check the access to GitHub (or other platform) repository and confirm the commits.

Security Review

A key stage of our cooperation, during which we are in constant contact with your team to be able to pick up appropriate mitigation as soon as possible. We do not rely on automatic scanners - we have developed many proprietary tools to support our unique approach for new attack techniques. We also audit for compliance with Smart Contracts Security Verification Standard (SCSVS).

Report & Wrap-up

Last but not least we prepare a report summarizing the tests along with recommendations for required changes. The report is clearly structured and can be used as a guide to secure your solution right away. However, we are open to other reporting methods that fit your company’s workflow.






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