smart contract audits

RugDog is your project's best friend! Get a professional audit to protect your project and its clients. With our efficient tech team at your service, no bug will escape.

Smart contract audit process

Gathering requirements

To get an understanding and figure out the intended behavior of a smart contract, we first go through the tech documentation provided by the client.

Automated testing

We use an automated test to determine whether there are syntax or runtime errors. These tests prepare the contract for the next step.

Manual check

Our auditors check the contracts manually to discover bugs and errors of different severity and provide necessary recommendations.

Preparing the initial report

We compile all the errors into a single document that highlights existing problems and details auditors’ recommendations. The client makes changes and fixes discovered problems.

Final audit report

We receive the report to form its final version which the client can publish and release to its users.


""We chose RugDog as our audit partner and were very happy with our decision! Their service was not only fast and cost efficient but of a very high quality. They communicated constantly throughout the audit. We will definitely be making use of their audit service again in future.""

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