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RapidLabs is a smart contract audit company dedicated to ensuring the security of newly introduced, updated, or fully functional DeFi projects. A team of knowledgeable smart contract auditors focuses its full attention on checking each code for possible vulnerabilities, errors, and susceptibility to external threats. Rapid Labs auditors are especially experienced in auditing launchpad tokens, a task, for which a special tool is used. Every issue fixed brings us one step closer to the wholesome DeFi market where users can be sure that their funds will stay safe. Let us know if your project is in need of a smart contracts audit, and we will provide the best and fastest service.


"Outstanding work on the audit by RapidLabs. Every single issue they found was described with precision in an easy-to-understand way. Recommendations were 100% helpful and clear too. Absolutely nailed it."

Founder of Moonbrave.finance

"RapidLabs totally did satisfy us with the audit and KYC. Immediate response that came in just under an hour after my application, the communication process and audit itself: everything went smoothly. Especially loved constant support provided by the team. We'd love to work together again in the future!"

CEO of HopiumSwap

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