New Alchemy

Solidity | Security | ICO | Token

New Alchemy is a company that offers strategy and capital solutions for their clients’ blockchain projects, as well as token design and smart contracts deployment. Their blockchain security services also include smart contract audits.

Smart contract audit process

Intake documentation & smart contract

Conduct initial testing & audit of code

Share draft audit report for client review

Client addresses issues & bugs uncovered in the audit

Final testing & re-audit of remediated code

Delivery of Final Audit Report


"It was a pleasure working with New Alchemy, the depth and level of detail was amazing and truly impressive. We will definitely be a recurring client of New Alchemy."

XMR Wallet Team

"I have been very satisfied with New Alchemy's work. Straightforward, fast and transparent process, polished reporting, I'm not sure there is much room to improve anymore.”"

Christophe Le Bars, CTO, Rouge Network

"Writing smart contracts demands the absolute highest standards; once deployed there is no going back. With their proven experience and top-tier developers, New Alchemy is one of the only studios in the world that can be entrusted with this grade of work."

Mel Gelderman, Co-Founder & CEO, Token

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