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MixBytes is a team of programmers. They fullfill technical projects, implement blockchain technologies, write smart contracts. They conduct corporate training and open lectures.

Smart contract audit process

Request a quote

You request a quote for an audit, with project description and clarification of goals, objectives, and requirements for the audit. You also access to the source code on GitHub for the estimation.

Initial code analysis

The study of the source code of its volume in the number of lines of code and the complexity of its logic. Estimate of the audit based on the above factors in terms of price and time for delivery.

Agreement on terms and audit start

The signing of the agreement and start of the audit. The audit is conducted by at least 2 auditors by our side for each part of the contract. Typical smart contract errors we encounter are logic errors, missing thresholds, and permissions checks, unbounded gas usage, inconsistencies.

Audit delivery

Report on all identified vulnerabilities, indicating their priority and the degree of impact on the security of the smart contract. For each vulnerability indicates how to fix it.

Additional support and consulting

At the request of the client, the publication of the report on GitHub and consulting on the fixing of all the identified issues and bugs and bringing the initial contract to the optimal form.

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