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KALOS - Making Web3 Space Safe for Everyone KALOS started in 2018 as the smart contract audit service of HAECHI. Since then, KALOS has secured over $60B worth of crypto assets across 500+ global crypto projects — L1/L2, defi, P2E, and bridges — notably, 1inch, Sushiswap, BadgerDAO, SuperRare, Chainsafe.

Smart contract audit process

Submit Audit Request

The best and fastest way to schedule an audit is by filling out the Typeform survey that you can find on our website(https://kalos.xyz) with other detailed information about us. It is okay if the codes are not yet fully developed, please reach out to us in advance.

Pre-Audit Scoping and

After a successful form submission, the core team will prepare for the audit by conducting an internal overview check and reach out to you in the next 1 working day (24 hours). In the meantime it is recommended that you: Clarify the scope of the audit and desired start date with your team. After agreeing on a quote, you will sign a Statement of Work (SOW) to begin the audit.

Start Security Audit

The security audit will begin in accordance with the defined schedule. The audit will include the following steps: 1. Review with static analysis tools: Inspect security issues through automated tools. 2. Full unit test coverage: Write test codes to test up to 200 scenarios and secure vulnerabilities. 3. Manual Security Audit: Explore attack vectors and threat scenarios from a hacker's perspective, and write and validate test code for the scenarios.

First Report Delivery (V1.0)

A security audit report is prepared based on the discovered issues. After the audit, the auditor team will discuss findings and answer any other questions you may have via a private communication channel.

Patch Period

After the first report delivery, a patch period is open to let you implement fixes and have them reviewed by the audit team.

Final Report Delivery (v2.0)

You will receive the final report after your patches have been implemented. If there aren’t any comments or concerns raised after receiving the report, the report is acknowledged complete and therefore concluding the final report delivery phase.

Afterward Guidance

Even if the audit period is over, Security Engineers will answer questions regarding blockchain security via the private channel that was created during the audit. We are "Security Partners", making Web3 Space Safe for Everyone.


"Our first engagement with KALOS was several years ago and we continue to use them to this day as they have improved their processes from our feedback and continued to evolve. KALOS' specific focus on CTF gives us confidence that we have the best eyes on our protocol, while charging a very reasonable price."

Adrian Li, DFX Finance

"The KALOS' team closely worked with our engineers when auditing Meter's bridge contract and provided many suggestions on security and gas efficiency. We really appreciate the iterative working style. The auditor would give feedbacks within a day after our engineer complete a fix. The audit was really thorough and detail. We really have a peace of mind after completing the audit."

Xiaohan Zhu, Meter.io

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