John Wick Security Lab

Security | EOS

John Wick Security Lab is a blockchain security company with over 300 audited smart contracts, both for Ethereum and EOS blockchains. They have established in-depth cooperation with hundreds of blockchain security partners such as HuoBi, ZB, FCoin, Coinsuper, CoinTiger, BikiCoin, KuCoin, BHEX, DragonEx, Bit.CC, ChainUP and BiXin and are considered a recognized auditor of smart contracts.

Smart contract audit process

Initial contact

Client contacts John Wick Security Lab and provides smart contract code.

Smart contract evaluation

The team evaluates the complexity of the contract code and estimates the duration and the cost of the audit.

Terms agreement

Client and the team agree on the final deadline and other terms of the audit.

Audit report delivery

John Wick Security Lab submits the final audit report (in either Chinese or English) to the client.

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