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Iosiro aims to Identify functional and security issues in your smart contracts. They'll provide you with a comprehensive report detailing their findings, giving you the peace of mind that your code is working as intended.

Smart contract audit process


Get in touch to set up an introductory call. We'll give you a quote with a cost and timeline for the audit.


We will require a code specification, some legal documents, and a deposit before we start the audit.


Our team of experts will audit the contracts, documenting their findings and recommended fixes in a private report.


You will then be able to address the issues outlined in the report before we begin the review process.


We will verify the changes and update the report. A public version of the report can then be released on your request.


"The team at iosiro was fast, responsive, and efficient. They were able to begin the audit process right away as well as modifying any risks found in the audit results very quickly. Their audit report and result link was also great for marketing!"

Minwoo Nam, Penta Security Systems

"Always available to help and professional, iosiro's keen eye for scrutiny has helped our comprehensive audit process go very smoothly. Grateful to have iosiro as part of our family of strategic partners and brings us great peace of mind to have iosiro's expertise to guide us!"

Peter Cha, CSO, Cloudbric ICO

"osiro have proven their expertise and professionalism in the delivery of our smart contracts and security requirements. We therefore consider iosiro as one of our strategic partners in development of Vio going forward."

Founder & CEO, Vio Digital

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