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Inspex is formed by a team of cybersecurity experts highly experienced in various fields of cybersecurity. We provide blockchain and smart contract professional services at the highest quality to enhance the security of our clients and the overall blockchain ecosystem.

Smart contract audit process


Build up understanding of the overall operations of the related smart contracts. Check for audit targets’ readiness, and make necessary internal preparations for the audit


Inspect smart contracts using industry-accepted automated analysis tools and manual analysis by a team of professionals to identify both general coding bugs and advanced smart contract vulnerabilities in decentralized application's workflow and logic

Preliminary Report

Deliver preliminary findings with professional suggestions and consultation on how to remediate the identified issues


Verify the status of each issue and re-inspect to ensure there are no additional complications caused by the fixes applied

Final Report

Provide a full final report with the detailed description, risk rating, and status of each identified issue

Audit reports


"We just received another audit back from Inspex! It's another step towards optimizing our security! We'll also continue auditing new code at regular intervals, so you can feel relieved, because Wault's ship only sails the calmest seas."

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