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Hacken is a Leading Blockchain Cybersecurity Company that provides Smart Contract Auditing Services for Crypto Projects in Web3. We also provide other cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, dApp audits, Proof-of -Reserves audits, bug bounties, L1 audits. You already have e.broshevan@hacken.io registered, however, we'd like to add one more email so the requests are resolved faster. You may also update the description of our company as we also work with Rust and MOVE

Smart contract audit process


Hacken provides duration and cost estimates based on the smart contracts source code.


Hacken and a customer sign an agreement with the SOW, the customer makes a payment according to the agreement.

Introductory meeting

A dedicated delivery manager arranges a meeting for the client's technical team and auditing team. The audit process, the project's peculiarities, and other questions are discussed during this meeting.


Hacken conducts a pre-audit and discovers issues that are on the surface and communicates with the customer so they can provide fixed before the main audit begins.

Main audit

Hacken conducts the audit in four stages: two simultaneous independent audits undertaken by different auditors to maximize the audit quality, then the two audits are merged, and the Team Lead does the third review. In the final stage, the report is proofread to guarantee the highest quality. As a result of this step, a client receives a preliminary private report with all the findings and recommendations from Hacken. The test cases for existing issues may also be shared if relevant.

Audit report meeting

After the preliminary report is checked by the client, we organize a meeting with the audit team to present the findings, share recommendations, and answer all technical questions the client might have.


A customer gets ten business days to provide fixes for detected issues. After fixes are completed, Hacken conducts a remediation check and provides an updated report. The first remediation check is free of charge.

Final Report and Publishing

After all remediation rounds are completed, we provide the final report to the client. If a client chooses the report to be public, it may be published at https://hacken.io/audits/, and also at CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Moreover, Hacken may also make announcements on our social media accounts.


"Hacken has provided highly professional audits with outstanding quality. We are delighted to work with such a well-known and trusted security vendor."

Jason, Seong Ho Lee, WEMADE

"Unlike our first auditor, Hacken paid attention even to minor details. We managed to bring our security to a new level. Proofed by Hacken is much more than just a technical audit."

Jason Dominique, CEO & Founder of launchpad Embr

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