Decenter is a team of experienced blockchain developers with a proven track record in building complex Ethereum-based DApps, such as MelonMail, Cryptographics, Cryptage and Etherships. Their smart contract audits focus on finding security issues, validating code and optimizing gas usage.

Smart contract audit process

Request A Quote

Describe the basic outline of your project and request a smart contract audit quote. We'll get back to you with a proposal promptly.

Data Collection

We collect all the necessary data about your project and smart contract, and agree on the scope of work and time estimate.

Auditing Starts

Our expert auditors dive into your code as soon as everything is agreed upon. All issues found along the way are extensively documented.

Audit Delivery

We deliver the report containing all discovered smart contract issues, ranked by severity, together with suggested solutions.

Follow Up

We provide additional support to your team to make sure all necessary fixes and updates are implemented and your smart contract is secure and well optimized.

Audit reports


"Quick, precise and direct. Working with Decenter for our audits was a breeze."


"Decenter is a company at the very forefront of technology. The professionality of their work by far exceeds industry standards. Look out for them."

Trinkler Software

"Decenter did an excellent job with their smart contact audit for the Alto Cryptogame Challenge. They not only identified a deeply technical issue and provided a clear audit report -- they were also able to work closely with our engineers to address the discovered issues one by one. We wholeheartedly recommend them!"

Altitude Games