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One of the leading auditing firms, having audited more than 300+blockchain projects and NFTs. Official partners of all major launchpads like PinkSale, DxSale and UniCrypt.

Smart contract audit process


After contacting us, our engineers will review your source code.


We'll send you a quote customized for your project. We have experience auditing any kind of smart contract, so you can expect top quality services from us.


Our audits consists of static analysis, and manual review. We deploy to testnet and search for edge case scenarios to make sure top quality is maintained.


Once the audit is complete, the team will prepare an initial report that identifies vulnerabilities from critical all the way down to informational. Cyberscope will then show you the report and you can rectify the issues according to our suggestions. Revisions are unlimited and free.


After final review of the smart contract, we will deliver the audit report and a security badge. This badge can be used in all major launchpads as proof of authenticity and security.

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