Composable Security

smart contract audits

We've already helped dozens of projects keep their products and systems secure, but we believe we can do even more. Security should be adapted to each stage of development, security should be composable to the best suits visionary needs.

Smart contract audit process

Deep understanding of your needs

Q&A sessions with your development team to thoroughly understand intentions and assumptions of the project.

Focus on the most important goals

Initial threat modeling to identify key areas and focus on covering the most relevant scenarios based on real threats.

Automated tests

Automated tests using custom scripts, checklists and various tools e.g. slither, to cover basic and known security bugs


The key step in which, already knowing your project, we think about personalized threats.


Preparation of a detailed report that is a great source of information for you and your team.


We are waiting for you to implement the recommendations from the report and update your code.


One-time verification whether the recommendations have been implemented correctly.

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