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We help stakeholders confirm the logic, quality and security of their Ethereum smart contracts using our comprehensive and standardized smart contract audit process. Our smart contract audits combine compliance, security, a comprehensive checklist of known pitfalls and attack vectors, Solidity design patterns and best practices.

Smart contract audit process

Initial contact

Client requests a smart contract audit quote.

Audit start

Our audit process consists of four categories of analysis. Design patterns, static analysis, manual analysis, and network behavior. We manually review your code, line by line, asking questions and inspecting what we expect from every function and variable.

Comprehensive feedback

We send you the first smart contract audit report which contains detailed, comprehensive feedback for any issues we discover during the auditing process. Your team completes any fixes needed.

Final report delivery

If necessary, we perform a remediation audit to confirm any fixes required. We then deliver your PDF audit report to you.


"In the blockchain space it is vital to have the support of companies and people who believe in your project and the work you do. CoinMercenary not only backed Ceybits vision, but also showed strong character with its reliability and flexibility."

Andrew Holmes, Founder - Ceybits

"We were impressed with CoinMercenary's professionalism, and how they worked with us right up to deployment of the contract to iron out any issues. Their responsiveness and punctuality were spot on considering we were only a month away from the start of the ICO at the time."

James Bachini, Founder - JSECoin

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