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Coinbae is a global cryptocurrency market data provider, giving traders access to reliable and real time data. We offer a wide range of blockchain related services from development work to Smartcontract audit services. To date we have performed well over 100 audits you can see some of our featured reports on our website: https://coinbae.org/audit/. The team has 8 years experience in professional auditing for global companies including PWC and EY. In addition the team has been working in the blockchain space for 5 years.

Smart contract audit process

Assertions and Property Checking:

1. Solidity assert violation. 2. Solidity AssertionFailed event.

ERC Standards:

1. Incorrect ERC20 implementation.

Solidity Coding Best Practices:

1. Outdated compiler version. 2. No or floating compiler version set. 3. Use of right-to-left-override control character. 4. Shadowing of built-in symbol. 5. Incorrect constructor name. 6. State variable shadows another state variable. 7. Local variable shadows a state variable. 8. Function parameter shadows a state variable. 9. Named return value shadows a state variable. 10. Unary operation without effect Solidity code analysis. 11. Unary operation directly after assignment. 12. Unused state variable. 13. Unused local variable. 14. Function visibility is not set. 15. State variable visibility is not set. 16. Use of deprecated functions: call code(), sha3(), … 17. Use of deprecated global variables (msg.gas, ...).

Audit reports


"The Coinbae team did a fantastic job at a rapid pace giving our users peace of mind when interacting with our contracts. We will use them for all our future contract as it is great value for money."


"The CoinBae team not only provided a transparent and thorough audit for our contracts, but did so in a timely and professional manner. We plan on using them consistently for our developments in order to prioritize the security of our user’s funds. Dio - Founder"

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