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The BlockSec Team focuses on the security of the blockchain ecosystem, and collaborates with leading DeFi projects to secure their products. The team is founded by top-notch security researchers and experienced experts from both academia and industry. They have published multiple blockchain security papers in prestigious conferences, reported several zero-day attacks of DeFi applications, and released detailed analysis reports of high impact security incidents.

Smart contract audit process

Price quotation

We will provide the price quotation based on the project type and the complexity of the project

Sign the contract

If we can make a deal, we will sign the contract that states the cost and the start date of the audit.

Code distribution

The final code (could have minor changes compared with the one submitted for price quotation) will be shared with us

Internal audit and sync up

We will assign at least two auditors on a project and have internal sync on the audit frequently.

Communication and issues fixup

During the audit, we will use google doc (or tg group) to communicate with the project owner about the questions we have and issues we found. The project owner can fixup the issues during this process. This process could be server rounds until all the issues are fixed or acknowledged.

Deliver final report

We will deliver our final audit report.

Audit reports


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