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Blockchain Consilium provides unmatched smart contract auditing services. Our team reviews your smart contract and writes a comprehensive report with actionable feedback for all issues found.

Smart contract audit process

Contact & Quote

Request a smart contract audit quote and choose to use our services. We are excited to collaborate with you. We'll send you a detailed customized quote.


We manually go through your code, line by line, looking for bugs and possibilities for any potential improvements.


We send you the first smart contract audit report which contains detailed and comprehensive comments on issues found during the smart contract audit process, including improvement suggestions. Your team makes all the necessary corrections.

Follow-up & Delivery

If required, a follow-up review is performed to confirm the necessary fixes for issues that were found during the main smart contract audit process, and the smart contract audit report is delivered to you.


"This team is the most trusted smart contract audit provider, proactive, energetic and perfectly organized. The experience is fast, efficient and unique. Great talent, I am looking forward to collaborating on the next generation of decentralized apps."

Emal Safi, Aircoins Corp - CEO

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