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BlockAudit.Report is run by Group of Auditors from different Blockchains. We do audit of BTC Forks, Blockchains, ERC20, TRC20, TRC10, Smart Contract, DApp, DeFi, NFT, etc. Our developers have 4 years of Development Experience and 3 Years of Auditing Experience BlockAudit.Report have 7 level of securities inside. After passing all the security we make report and looking for Transactions Tests. For Smart Contracts, we use some testing Tokens to send into the contract and withdraw back as per criteria.

Smart contract audit process

Share your Contract Code

Will make price estimate

Will audit and ask you to remove bad codes.

Finally will give you Audit of best code you have

We will provide

Full Audit Report + Audit Certificate + Official Tweet + Official Github Link + Channel Share + Official Weblink

Audit reports


"The fastest Audit can only be done by BlockAudit"

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