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Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint cybersecurity solutions. Performed by industry leaders, their line-by-line professional code review helps you identify and resolve all detected vulnerabilities in smart-contracts. The resulting audit serves as a security confirmation from Kaspersky Lab to all you potential investors. Their service also includes marketing support, including a press release published on Kaspersky Lab’s global web site and distributed globally across relevant general and specialized IT media outlets focusing on IT, FinTech and Blockchain to create additional media opportunities, as well as a series of posts on their social media accounts.

Smart contract audit process

Analyzing smart contract code for known vulnerabilities

Ensuring protection against reentrancy attacks

Review adherence to existing standards (e.g. ERC-20 token standard)

Review documentation and code comments so they match logic and behavior

Ensure implementation of business logic as described in Whitepaper

Marketing support including posts on Kaspersky’s website, social media and more